Transaction Information
Txhash 0x6af8fb4f24e385ce28d740a37c385568a37693d672a0907a054a96cafede8b5e
Height 6268209
Timestamp 88 days 22 hrs ago (Feb-27-2020 02:43:15 PM +UTC)
TxReceipt Status Success
From 0x28F86Db797A302B46fA04749FAaFB1B1c901fF19
To contract 0x57195B9d12421E963B720020483F97bb7FF2E2A6 WEOS
Token Transfer
0.01 TOKEN Transfer From 0x28F86Db797A302B4... to 0xbda08c74ebda065a...
Type public
Gas Used 51,338
Gas Price 180 Gwin
Actual Tx Cost 0.00924084 WAN
Value 0 WAN
Nonce 135
Input Data